WE WILL BEAR WITNESS is a media project to document the perils—and the resistance—of this moment in history.

WE WILL BEAR WITNESS features stories from earth's citizens recording climate destruction, devastation, resilience and hope. It is a catalogue of poetry, photos, artwork, essays and more from those who dare face the truth. The world deserves to know what happened. We deserve to remember. Bear witness with us.

Send us your stories: wewillbearwitness@outlook.com

The stories of how big oil lied, or how your rivers are drying up. Tell the story of when winter was cold and white when you were a child, where now it is wet and warm. Tell the story of when journalists and governments misrepresented your work. Tell the story of how the officials paid off researchers. Tell the story of having a child, and the world you fear will be left behind. Tell the story of what happened, as you understand it.

Tell the story of your country's politics, of its decline, its decay. Tell the story of your community's imagination, optimism and resilience. Tell the story of what must be done. Tell the story of who is to blame. Tell the story which keeps you up at night.

WE WILL BEAR WITNESS to the collapse of society, or its regeneration.

WE WILL BEAR WITNESS to each others' strength and creativity.

WE WILL BEAR WITNESS to the malevolence wreaking havoc on the lives of the vulnerable.

WE WILL BEAR WITNESS to the world as it is—and how it could be.

Please email me your essays and memories, your art, your poetry, your music, your videos, your words. Pitch to: wewillbearwitness@outlook.com

This is the story of the whole world. We deserve to know the truth.

With warmth and fury,
Your witnesses

WE WILL BEAR WITNESS pays lifetime monthly dividends to those who contribute exclusive work. The goal is to create an ecosystem of citizens reading, sharing and supporting one another’s stories to reach the whole world.

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Stories from earth's citizens documenting climate destruction, devastation, resilience and hope.


Climate corruption journalist investigating why the world in crisis—and what to do about it.
Free lance journalist, documentary maker, video editor and writer - fighting for social justice