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Sorry to hear that this has happened to you, it is truly heartbreaking to see this happen to the land you love.

I’m just putting this out there, you may be familiar with this already and maybe you have even heard of Michal Kravik who is from your part of the world? He has a paper called the New Water Paradigm, it’s very important more people learn of the way in which the water cycles affect the climate. And it all starts with healthy soils. Maybe you can get some inspiration from this and guidance on the way you rebuild the land.


Also very important that people understand the work of Millan Millan and how land use is a direct driver of climate (not just CO2 as the narrative has dangerously led us to believe):


Best wishes to you from the other side of the world (which has seen the likes of these disasters for a long time)

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Thank you so much for the links, i will review!

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Thank you for this content. Best Wishes to your family, country and the land.

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