Thankyou for this. It's taken me a while to be able to respond. After watching so many leaders and media openly support Israel to "do whatever they want" to Gaza. It's like someone slipped you drugs in a scary funhouse. And this report is the most I depth I've seen from any current affairs writer for a long time. I read it,the n went back and watched the videos, ending in th Chinese correpondent.

I cried for some time. That was also maybe the most humane and brave reporting on the ground I've ever seen. I hope she's okay.

And today I realise that nowhere is reporting this bombardment of Southern Gaza.

I am deeply moved. My heart has been torn open. Somehow, though, that makes me feel calmer and stronger in the face of all the lies.

(And thanks Rachel for this project, too)

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We are being ruled by evil madmen and as long as we leave them in power, there is no hope for humanity. I was shocked by my youngest son yesterday (age 20), quoting Tupac Shakur: "If you cannot find something worth living for, you had better find something to die for". Do not believe that you can fool the young generation.

This being said, Israel is now behaving exactly as Hamas wanted them to do. Rage is very predictable. Or as I wrote in a previous comment to a post to Michael Moore:

The simple recipe for bringing down powerful nations and empires is to provoke and enrage them. When Gavrilo Princip shot crown prince Franz Ferdinand in 1914, the Austrian empire had hundreds of options for dealing with the problem. Unfortunately, they chose war, and the rest is history. Likewise, 9/11 was a horrible terrorist attack, but the main damage it did to the USA was self-inflicted. Israel now seems to be repeating the mistakes of previous empires. Nobody is questioning Israel's right to defend itself, but unfortunately it failed to do so October 7th. Nobody denies Israel the right to punish the perpetrators of the horrific terrorist attack. However, killing innocent civilians as an act of revenge is madness.

“An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.”

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I feel sick. I am in tears. Excellent article.

What has been sown will come to fruit, as all actions and intentions have their consequences.

May many see the hypocrisy and call for peace

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