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Ah, a beautiful trip there brother. Over 50 years ago our grief as we boomers came of age to meaningless energised consumerism and the wars that fed it, we were both saved and diverted by psychedelics and shamanism. To have that for open inward in a sacred coming has costs as well as benefits. The nectar of paradise ar least can inoculate one ftom a plethora of influences who steal our pain and dreams. But it won't by itself save our children from pathological social systems.

There's no substitute for expressing love objectively, in community networking and gardening, learning our deep and recent history and having "the courage to be as part" (Paul Tillich, The Courage to Be) of it all.

As well as experiencing that beatific vision subjectively, through savoring the magic moments. But to be real that beautiful vision must be tempered with tragic vision.

Love is not complete without compassion. Compassion is void in the Atlas Network tradition which includes notably Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".

Solidarity with, and action for Earths evilly oppressed - which may include some of our descendents coping with the Great Plunder of the Capitalistocene.

But yes, compassion starts at home, including our wounded parts, which increases our sensitivity and identity with others.

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A profoundly moving account of your journey through this world which reflects much of what others have experienced and observed in the field of activism. It also illustrates so well that maxim “Be the change you want to see “. Many thanks.

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'we’re dwelling in a time between two worlds'

We are always dwelling in a time between two worlds: the world that we inherited; and the world we are creating.

That is our uniquely human way of being, together, and apart, in an artificial world that we make for ourselves in which to live, through our technologies, out of the world of Nature into which we all are born, alone.

The great conceit of every generation is to feel like our time of dwelling between the future and the past is unlike any other.

That is true in the details, but only in the details.

The work of choosing new beginnings as times change, to fit the changing times, is evergreen.

In our times, the uniqueness of our details, is the need and opportunity for social self-discovery through inquiry for insight and new learning that can inform social innovation in social activism for popular participation in choosing what it means to be human on a planetary scale in the 21st Century, and beyond...

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