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so painful to watch - such a determined man with such incredible self-sacrificing integrity no longer willing to be part of genocide but also wanting to make such a public incredible statement about what continues to go on in Palestine - I am shocked to see this film representing his voice - God bless him and his family. I feel very sad and tearful.

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I wonder if Aaron knew he was about to be deployed to Gaza, and he did not wish to be complicit to genocide. It shows you he had a conscience. RIP Aaron Bushnell.

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The state of of the world has become "unbearable". We are part of an Evil Capitalist Killing Machine that controls the government and the media, and most people feel powerless to do anything about it. Sadly, many more people will die before we get out of this mess.

RIP, Aaron Bushnell. My heart goes out to your family and friends. It is pity the US government does not hand out medals to the true heroes.

Will it be so again

that the brave, the gifted are lost from view,

and empty, scheming men

are left in peace their lunatic age to renew?

Will it be so again?

Must it be always so

that the best are chosen to fall and sleep

like seeds, and we too slow

in claiming the earth they quicken, and the old usurpers reap

what they could not sow?

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When will we internalize public governance shouldn't entail violence and require self-harm!

"Together, it is essential for us to acknowledge promptly, rather than delaying, that we all reside on an extraordinary, wholly self-sustaining celestial planet. It thrives with minimal support and remains resilient to the necessity for safeguarding as long as we provide for it with individual care." - anonymous.

One can't help but wonder if the plutocrats and their supporters still need convincing that the Earth is not flat!

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