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Daniel's talk was really good, so were the talks from Kate, Olivia and Nate.

Can't help feeling that the audience probably didn't know what was going on, the host certainly lives in a different world to the 99.9%

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I find it almost unbearable to listen to an interview like this. Although Daniel Schmachtenberger is very eloquent and seems to have understood the challenges facing humanity, there is no sense of purpose in his narrative. He does not offer any solutions and there is no call to action in his statements. I guess this is the difference between a philosopher and a leader. An effective narrative should always end with a message of hope or – at least – a call to action. We need a plan to get out of this mess and revolutions need to be organized. Please also check: https://chrishedges.substack.com/p/why-our-popular-mass-movements-fail

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